Old truck on Banks Peninsula

Featuring artworks by Hawkes Bay artist Ken Nysse: Welcome to my website. Please take a look at my galleries of available works below or using the GALLERY menu above. SOLD paintings can be seen from the Gallery menu. Please page down to view my artist profile.

Ken painting "The Pinnacles"

Hawkes Bay Artist Ken Nysse

Hello there and thanks for visiting my website. I have been painting on a part-time basis since 2006 and live in a lovely sunny region of New Zealand called Hawkes Bay with my home and studio here in Havelock North. We are treated to some iconic sea and landscapes here and with the ever-changing seasonal colours, this provides me with lots of the inspiration for my works.  I have been fortunate to exhibit and sell my paintings through fine-art galleries and at local and national exhibitions. A number of my works have won ‘selector’s choice’ and ‘peoples choice’ awards at these exhibitions (see my galleries for details).

I am New Zealand born although my surname is Dutch (pronounced “Nice-cee”) – some people say I must have some “Rembrandt” in me, but I wish I had his wonderful skills!

Self taught artist

I am a self-taught artist and as a teenager in the 80’s, I earned a pocket money through custom painting graphics and murals on cars, boats, motor bike petrol tanks and helmets using spray guns and air brushes. However my creative abilities were ‘put on hold’ as other priorities emerged – university, traveling the world, full-time employment and family.

Paintings from Photos

Following a move back to Hawkes Bay in 2006 I had the urge to paint again. Photography has always been an interest for me, particularly landscape photography. My photographs have often provided the starting reference for many of my artworks and I take my camera on most journeys, just in case I see the ‘perfect’ shot. My pull to the mountains (through hiking and skiing), the beach in summer, and cycling through the landscapes exposes these subjects that form this primary focus for my work (i.e. the central North Island’s volcanic plateau, and the rolling hills and turquoise seascapes of Hawkes Bay .

Composition using the “Golden Ratio”

Golden Ratio example

Golden Ratio example

Having studied mathematics and statistics at university and learning about the Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, etc), also known as the ‘Golden Ratio’, ‘God number’ and ‘Golden Section’ (the Greeks call this ratio  ‘Phi’), I became interested in the use of this ratio (1:168) in design , architecture and art, as it is a visually pleasing proportion that is found throughout the natural world and universe. I incorporate this ‘proportion’ into the composition of many of my artworks as demonstrated in this work titled “Golden Section”. Quite often a horizon line in my painting will be based on this ratio.

Painting medium and style

I work primarily in acrylics on canvas or board and have occasionally incorporated other mediums and textures for effect, such as stones, woven flax, paper mache and gel mediums. I have also done a number of oil paintings but acrylic is my preferred medium. Someone called me a ‘sharp-edge’ painter and I suppose I paint in a ‘tight’ fashion most of the time, trying to achieve some realism in my landscapes, although I enjoy getting quite loose on occasions and you can see this in some of my pallet knife works


Throughout the year I enter my artwork into local and national selected exhibitions and for the last 14 years my work has sold thought Quay Gallery. I am also a member of the Hawkes Bay Art Guide for 2020 and in 2021 and participate in the annual Hawkes Bay Art Trail.

During the summer months on fine Saturdays or Sundays, I often display my paintings in my Summer_Displayback garden, accessible from Fulford Road, Havelock North. When open, I’ll have an “Open – Outdoor Display” ‘sandwich board’ sign on the corner of Te Mata Road and Fulford Rd and our property is only 100m from the corner. Look out for it and come and take a look!

Keirunga Artist Groups

Soon after arriving back in Hawkes Bay I joined a Hawkes Bay Art group called “Keirunga Artists” here in Havelock North, and on Tuesday evenings I join other artists who can not attend the weekday painting sessions. Here I was provided assistance from  others who have been painting for many years, and in many mediums. Through weekend workshops and group exhibitions I have progressed in my painting style and quality of my work.

If you need more information, considering commissioning a painting, or want to provide some feedback on my website then please send me an email at kennysseart@xtra.co.nz